Assistant Coach (Part-Time)


The Assistant Coach is responsible for assisting the Athletics Director in coaching the athletic teams as assigned by the Director of Athletics.  This position is also responsible for supporting an athletic program that is consistent with the MCH model of care and providing opportunities for student-athletes to learn athletic skills needed to compete in sports offered as well as life skills that are needed for success in the classroom and in life after graduation.  This position involves frequent contact with MCH residents not involved in athletics, direct care staff, teachers, administrative staff, schools, vendors, donors, visitors and other stakeholders.  This position requires a thorough understanding of and demonstrated competency in the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) techniques developed by the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University.

The Assistant Coach must exhibit the intellectual and emotional maturity required to work with youth who have behavioral issues and difficulty relating to others due to developmental delays, mental health needs and trauma. This position requires respect and compassionate understanding for the youth in care and the ability to balance the need for nurture and structure in the work with youth. The Assistant Coach must have the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships with youth and co-workers, effectively communicate with others, solve problems and regulate their own behavior in all situations. The Assistant Coach must maintain a healthy value system, including moral and ethical behavior consistent with the agency's mission and core values. 


  • Provide quality instruction in assigned sports.
  • Infuse practices and activities with opportunities for student-athletes to learn and practice MCH Life Skills, being a good teammate and good sportsmanship
  • Ensure all practices and activities are operated in compliance with the rules and guidelines established to ensure the safety of student-athletes and participants.
  • Work together with team members to ensure a professional work environment and the effective use of TBRI techniques in work with student-athletes.
  • Assist the Athletics Coordinator and Director of Athletics in implementing practice plans and successfully running practices.
  • Assist the Athletics Coordinator and Director of Athletics in successfully and efficiently running game days.
  • Maintain compliance with applicable licensing and accreditation standards.
  • Foster positive, interactive, and supportive relationships between the students, coaches, direct care staff, and faculty to encourage a community of enthusiasm and spirit.
  • Provide transportation for student-athletes using MCH vehicles to and from athletic events.
  • Ensure equipment and facilities are clean, properly maintained and used safely.
  • Work collaboratively in a proactive manner with other departments.
  • Ensure all facilities and equipment are clean, organized, and maintained.


This is an hourly part time position that will require a flexible schedule.  Responsibilities include work after normal office hours, during the weekend or on holidays. You must have a valid driver's license and be able to operate and drive company vehicles to transport students. Out of town travel and occasional overnight travel are required.  MCH provides an agency vehicle for the transportation of residents for all activities and events.  A technology stipend is provided to support the communication requirements of this position.


A Bachelor's Degree and a background in coaching basketball or football is preferred.  Experience in coaching other high school sports is preferred.


Training hours must be completed annually to comply with licensing and accreditation standards, as well as MCH policy.  The employee's supervisor may require additional training to meet specific job requirements or enhance professional growth.  Completion of training requirements is mandatory for continued employment.


The Assistant Coach must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid Texas Driver's License, an excellent driving record that meets the standards set forth by the liability insurance company and Methodist Children's Home, no criminal history and acceptable references. 


I have reviewed the job description for the position of Assistant Coach and understand I must be able to perform the duties outlined above. The Physical Demands/Requirements of the position are provided in another document and discussed at hire. I understand that due to the complexities of the position all duties and responsibilities may not be outlined in this job description and the duties and responsibilities of this position are subject to change.