Youth Care Counselor (Waco Campus)


The Youth Care Counselor cares for and supervises youth in care in the group home. The Youth Care Counselor must exhibit the intellectual and emotional maturity required to relate to and care for youth who have behavioral issues and difficulty relating to others due to developmental delays, mental health needs and trauma. The position requires respect for and compassionate understanding for the youth in care and the ability to balance the need for nurture and structure in their work with youth. The Youth Care Counselor must have the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships with youth and co-workers, effectively communicate with others, solve problems and regulate their own behavior in all situations. The Youth Care Counselor must maintain a healthy value system, including moral and ethical behavior consistent with the agency's mission and core values.


  • Learn and effectively use the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model of care.
  • Develop a relationship with each youth in care and proactively teach self-regulation techniques and acceptable ways to give and receive care. 
  • Know and teach youth the four MCH Rules and 10 MCH Life Skills. 
  • Use the IDEAL approach to discipline and appropriately intervene with youth who exhibit inappropriate behaviors or who need assistance in regulating their behavior. 
  • Work independently and in cooperation with other child care staff to provide a safe, clean, and orderly home for youth in compliance with applicable licensing and accreditation standards. 
  • Supervise youth in care to ensure their safety and well-being and adjust the level of supervision according to the circumstances and needs of the youth.
  • Ensure youth have the appropriate clothing, shoes, personal care supplies, and hygiene items required for grooming, including encouragement and coaching on maintaining good hygiene.
  • Help youth express fears and concerns, manage anxiety around family-related issues, and assist in processing daily events, traumatic events and those events related to their placement.
  • Arrange for and take youth to the doctor, dentist and other appointments.
  • Dispense and document the administration of prescribed and over the counter medications.
  • Assist in the planning, ordering, and preparation of healthy meals and snacks in the home.
  • Support the participation of youth in spiritual development activities in the home and through services and programs offered by the Spiritual Development staff. 
  • Support the education of youth in care, participate in teacher conferences and provide assistance with homework as needed.
  • Support the participation of residents in academic, athletic and social extracurricular activities.
  • Ensure that the recreational needs of each child/youth are met, including participation in age-appropriate activities in the community.
  • Promote age-appropriate independence through instruction and coaching on self-care skills and participation in age-appropriate skill development activities.
  • Manage agency funds, resources and equipment, assigned to and for their use, safely and according to agency policy and procedures.
  • Complete required documentation to promote safe child care and sound home management.
  • Ensure all facilities and equipment are clean, organized and maintained.


The Youth Care Counselor works various schedules based upon the needs of the group home and their primary responsibilities may vary according to the day and time of the scheduled shift. The Youth Care Counselor's schedule will be determined by the employee's supervisor. Most duties are performed in the group home, but transportation of residents to activities and events in the local community is frequent.  Out of town and overnight travel may be required.   MCH provides an agency vehicle for the transportation of residents for all activities and events. A technology stipend is provided to support the communication requirements of this position. 


The Youth Care Counselor must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Further education and experience in child care related fields are preferred. 


Training hours must be completed annually to comply with licensing and accreditation standards, as well as MCH policy. The employee's supervisor may require additional training to meet specific job requirements or enhance professional growth. Completion of training requirements is mandatory for continued employment.


The Youth Care Counselor must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid Texas Driver's License, an excellent driving record that meets the standards set forth by the liability insurance company and Methodist Children's Home, no criminal history and acceptable references. 


I have reviewed the job description for the position of Youth Care Counselor and understand I must be able to perform the duties outlined above. The Physical Demands/Requirements of the position are provided in another document and discussed at hire. I understand that due to the complexities of the position all duties and responsibilities may not be outlined in this job description and the duties and responsibilities of this position are subject to change.