After School Coordinator


The After-School Program Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of an after-school educational and recreational program that offers age-appropriate activities for youth in care. The program includes, but is not limited to, theatre, choir, drum line, cheer, independent living, horsemanship and physical education. This position is also responsible for ensuring that the After-School Program is operated safely and in compliance with licensing and accreditation standards.

The After-School Program Coordinator must exhibit the intellectual and emotional maturity required to work with youth who have behavioral issues and difficulty relating to others due to developmental delays, mental health needs and trauma. This position requires respect and compassionate understanding for the youth in care and the ability to balance the need for nurture and structure in the work with youth. The After-School Program Coordinator must have the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships with youth and co-workers, effectively communicate with others, solve problems and regulate their own behavior in all situations.  The After-School Program Coordinator must maintain a healthy value system, including moral and ethical behavior consistent with the agency's mission and core values. 


  • Learn and effectively use the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model of care.
  • Proactively teach self-regulation techniques and acceptable ways to give and receive care.
  • Know and teach youth the four MCH Rules and ten MCH Life Skills.
  • Use the IDEAL approach to discipline and appropriately intervene with youth who exhibit inappropriate behaviors or who need assistance in regulating their behavior.   
  • Ensure the required staff-to-child ratio is maintained at all times and adjust the level of supervision based on the activity and on each youth's level of functioning.
  • Schedule and supervise staff and student workers assigned to the After-School Program.
  • Ensure that recreation facilities and equipment are clean, organized and maintained.
  • Ensure youth have appropriate clothing, shoes and equipment for participation in each activity.
  • Appropriately respond to medical and other needs of youth that arise during the activity. 
  • Role model and teach students the importance of friendship formation, sharing responsibilities, conflict resolution, problem solving, and negotiation to meet their needs.
  • Teach students respect for themselves and others, respect for boundaries, and how to negotiate social expectations.
  • Work with other recreation staff to provide campus-wide events and special seasonal activities. 
  • Support appropriate independence in youth through planned but flexible program activities, positively reinforcing efforts and accomplishments.
  • Ensure program is operated in compliance with agency policies and licensing standards.
  • Hold regular planning meetings with staff to maintain program quality.
  • Develop and distribute student recreation surveys regularly to determine activity preferences and maintain program quality.
  • Manage agency funds, resources and equipment according to agency policy and procedures.
  • Complete required documentation.
  • Ensure all facilities and equipment are clean, organized and maintained.


The After-School Program Coordinator is considered a professional position and may require more than the normal 40-hour workweek. The work schedule will vary and may include some nights and weekends. The After-School Program Coordinator must be able to instruct and participate in recreation activities with students. Most duties are performed on the Waco Campus, but out of town travel and occasional overnight trips are required. The After-School Program Coordinator must be able to drive a van and school bus for transportation duties. A technology stipend is provided to support the communication requirements of this position. 


A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution of higher learning is required. A degree in recreation, music, performing arts or related field is preferred. 


Training hours must be completed annually to comply with licensing and accreditation standards, as well as MCH policy. The employee's supervisor may require additional training to meet specific job requirements or enhance professional growth. Completion of training requirements is mandatory for continued employment.


The After-School Program Coordinator must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid Texas Driver's License, an excellent driving record that meets the standards set forth by the liability insurance company and Methodist Children's Home, no criminal history and acceptable references. 


I have reviewed the job description for the position of After-School Program Coordinator and understand I must be able to perform the duties outlined above. The Physical Demands/Requirements of the position are provided in another document and discussed at hire. I understand that due to the complexities of the position all duties and responsibilities may not be outlined in this job description and the duties and responsibilities of this position are subject to change.